About Lord Anjaneya

   Sri Anjaneya, also know by the name Sri Hanuman or Sri Bhajarangbali, is a Hindu deity who is a human of vanara clan. He is believed to be very powerful, extremely modest Brahmachari (celibate) and ardent devotee of Lord Rama. Devotees of Lord Rama first worship him before worshiping Lord Rama, because he is so dear to Lord Rama. He is also believed to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva.

   Today, even if human sits amidst a mountain of wealth and prosperity; due to ceaseless desires, his lives are full of worries, anxieties and lack of contentment. It is believed that meditating Lord Anjaneya would help one’s mind to get focused and thus get control over it. Once mind is in control, one attains control over his desires, which is the main cause of miseries. Thus chanting his mantras and meditating will lead to the attainment of bliss. Also once our mind is focused, achievement of our goal will be more easier.

   Lord Anjaneya is an incarnation of humility, service, strength, wisdom and moreover extreme devotion. It is believed to be difficult to make this deity happy. And if one succeeds, then he is blessed with immense powers. To achieve this supreme level, one has to abstain celibacy and do long hard meditations. Due to these facts Anjaneya Math, which has a beautiful Rama and Anjaneya temple, inspires devotees.